28-29 September 2017 

Bandung, Indonesia

 Creative City 

Venue: Hotel Aryaduta

 Jln. Sumatera No. 51 Bandung 

The 4th International Seminar on Chemistry (ISC-2017)
“Bringing Chemistry to Life”

Chemistry is the study of matter and its change. It is often called as the central science because of its link with other natural sciences. The practices of chemistry can be dated back to ancient Egypt where people were practicing techniques that showed understanding of chemical reaction, such as bread and wine fermentation, metal extraction and application of herbal medicine. Based on this reality, chemistry is actually very familiar in everyday life, even though most people do not realize it.

The advancement in chemical sciences has driven many developments in agricultural, medical, industrial, and other area that eventually can improve humankind quality of life. Chemistry study from atomic, molecular, and cellular level can solve many problems. Many recent chemical researches appear every day and there are more interests on basic chemical research that have potential practical application.

Since 2008, the Department of Chemistry, Universitas Padjadjaran, organize International Seminar on Chemistry (ISC) as a triennial event to gather academicians, researchers, students, and industrial practitioners to share exciting breakthroughs and technology advances, and to discuss challenges and future directions for enhanced impact on society. The upcoming ISC will be the 4th event organized by our Department and will be presenting competent invited speakers from various international institution with varying research expertise in chemical sciences, representing main field in chemical studies.

This seminar will offer a comprehensive understanding on how basic chemical sciences can be developed to various practical applications, which can be found in everyday life. It will cover topics, among others, not only associated with innovation in new methods seeking to combine the reactivity and selectivity of synthetic organometallic crystals, but also on acquiring insights in the fundamental properties of biomolecules relevant for industrial and biomedical applications. The ultimate goal is to achieve elegant solutions of hazards-free, waste-free, energy efficient chemical processes of non-toxic products without sacrificing efficacy of function.

The seminar comprises plenary and parallel sessions in the form of both oral and poster presentations on one of the following subjects:

• Innovation in analytical methods, techniques and instrumentations.
• Innovation in material chemistry and nanotechnology.
• Natural products chemistry and organic synthesis.
• Biomolecular sciences and biotechnology.
• Information technology in chemical sciences and computational chemistry.
• Environmental and green chemistry.
• Educational Chemistry

It will serve as an excellent opportunity for scientists, managers, and industrial practitioners to discuss views, trends, exchange knowledge, establish links and lead us in the right direction while stepping into the next future. We, the organizing committee, are pleased to cordially invite you to contribute in this seminar.




We welcome all levels of sponsorship. We welcome your queries and participation, and we look forward to have you as a part of International Seminar of Chemistry 2017, Unpad, Bandung - Indonesia.


31st July 2017
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7th August 2017
Notification of Acceptance

Until 18th August 2017
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15th October 2017
Full Paper Submission

Until 18th September 2017
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 *Payment will secure a slot for the conference. Abstract of those who fail to pay before or on the payment deadline date will not be included into the conference program and the author(s) is considered withdraw themselves from the conference program.